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electrolytic foot bathes
The new dimension of purification and detoxification - 
through electrodialysis

Body Detox medical                                     MagSan`Detox plus                                   
Body Detoxification, Detoxication of body and organs
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We live in an age where health problems can be attributed, to a large extent, to toxic contamination and pollution. Therapies that gently and intensively, at the same time, contribute to purification and detoxification are becoming more and more important for the prevention and treatment of illnesses. 
 A new approach in detoxification therapy 

The Body Detox system represents a completely new approach to intensive and sustained purification and detoxification.  In contrast to biochemical detoxification methods e.g. with algae preparations or sulfur compounds, the Body Detox system stimulates the body to detoxify through a physical process: Electrolysis, already used for desalinizing sea water, can also purify and detoxify body fluids.   

The ions decide how healthy you will be   

Balanced supply, distribution and activity of ions in the body are important preconditions for optimal detoxification. Our food, for instance, should provide  us with electrically "negative" ions and thus help us maintain a well balanced  physical state or internal environment in the body. However, nowadays even  fresh fruit and vegetables are often oxidized, meaning they contain "positive" ions, to such an extent that they can hardly meet our nutritional requirements and are even less suitable to maintain or restore a healthy ionic environment. A fundamentally new approach is needed restore the body to a balanced ionic state and thereby to optimal internal conditions. The Body Detox  system is excellently suitable for this purpose. It activates the ion activity in the body by creating a flux of ions in an electrolytic foot bath and transferring this flux to the body. According to Szent-Györgyi, this ion flux is a precondition for electron mobility within the body and thus for an essential part of communication between cells and for neutralizing free radicals and heavy metals and toxins acting like radicals. Furthermore, it facilitates, considerably, the excretion of any such substances that contaminate the body. The strengthening of the organs, which goes hand in hand with this process, further supports the excretion of contaminants through the skin - especially under the foot -, through the kidneys and through breathing. Possible unwelcome side effects, which are be hard to avoid for biological detoxification methods that may overstrain the liver, are reduced to a minimum. 

 Made in Germany 
Weight: ca. 7 kg 
1 converter (electrodes) for ca. 80 treatments 
1 adapter (100-230 V-24V/12V-50/60 Hz) and mains cord 
1 set of plastic protective covers for 80 treatments
1 cleaning and disinfecting agent for the converter
incl. salt 
1 set patient information materials

User Manual 
 The Body Detox system - How does it work?  
  The Body Detox system gently stimulates a multitude of basic body functions. 
  It provides the impetus to rebalance the self-regulatory mechanisms in the body.  
  The activation of the ion flux results e.g. in the following reactions:    

    Reduction of overacidity (acidosis) 
    *  Easier excretion and, partly, neutralization of toxins in the body   
    *  More effective "defusing" of free radicals   
    *  Formation of free radicals is reduced, the body water is activated  
         and thus made more effective in its function as transport an purification  
    *  Works against the formation of deposits in blood vessels 
    *  Sustained enhancement of blood circulation.   

 These reactions in turn lead to   

     * stronger organ activity 
     * a balanced metabolism 
     * a positive mood 
     * better sleep 
     * better performance 
     * a general basis for healing and regeneration.

 Befor  treatment             after 30 minutes

        Adults 6-10 treatments á 30minutes
       children 3-5 treatments á 15 minutes 


User Pack (UP)160
Electrolysis - double benefits 

During the electrolysis process the foot bath water will turn a very intense color, in most cases, depending on the substances the body excretes. However, part of this coloration 
is caused by the added salt and other minerals contained in the water. Therefore, the coloration as such does not allow any distinction between different kinds of substances  
that are actually excreted. Still, patients are impressed by the possibility to observe the workings of the Body Detox therapy in such a direct way. 

Each treatment is billable at between € 35.- and € 45.-!! 
Medical                        Plus          
Replacement converter for   80 treatments  
Replacement converter for  160 treatments  
Replacement converter for  240 treatments 
Replacement  converter for  320 treatments 
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